Abstract Doodles is two best friends who have know one another since they were 12 years old. Trisha loves doodling, and Natalie loves creating, so working together was a natural decision.

A couple years ago Natalie started turning Trisha's drawings into coloring books and they started selling them at local craft fairs. Outsourcing printing meant they weren't able to offer the books as affordable as they'd like, so they restructured, bought some equipment, and are printing and binding the coloring books themselves.

The paper used is 80 lb cardstock, with a very smooth finish so these books are colorable with any medium including markers without having any bleed. This also means the pages can be cut from the book and used decoratively as you see fit.

I'm Trisha.
I'm a wife and mother of two energetic individuals. I have enjoyed crafts of all sorts for many years like sewing and scrapbooking, but I have always been a doodler.
Ever notice that when you aren't paying much attention to a pen in your hand, it is often drawing? Meeee Toooo. Doodling has been very therapeutic for me over the years, helping me though some of the hardest times in my life.

I've had all sorts of jobs over the years, designing silk flower arrangements, craft booth sitting, delivering airline tickets, managing the front desk at a community center, working as a craft boutique bouncer, and now this. My hope is that I will be able to share my doodles with the world, and have the good fortune to call it my 'job'.

I have a few books so far, with countless ideas for more in the future. I'm so excited, I can't draw fast enough.
I'm pleased you've found the blog. I hope I can make it worth your while

I'm Natalie.
I enjoy making and creating anything whether it's on the computer or actually with my hands. Altering and re-purposing things are my passions.

Before I first colored one of Trishas Doodles, I was of the mindset that coloring was for children. After coloring one, I wanted to color another. I was completely surprised by myself, enjoying something I didn't know I would.

I've also learned I prefer using markers and not coloring in solid blocks of color. Instead I color with lines and cross hatches, creating some fun visual texture... Genuinely, it feels therapeutic. I have unnecessarily assumed for years this is something only for children.

I hope we have the opportunity to bring a little bit of pleasure to you or your children through doing something we really enjoy.

I saw this saying recently:  "I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares." That's really what it boils down to...  We all want to enjoy life while doing what we love.

We would love to see your colored pages and hear what you do with them.
Please feel free to contact us at: abstractdoodles@gmail.com
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