Friday, May 24, 2013

Book 10 -Patterns!!

Yes it seems like an oxymoron to say Abstract Patterns, but one of the things I find myself doing when I color Trisha's abstract doodles, is trying to find ways to color with a pattern, so, with this newest book, I convinced her to draw some abstract "Patterns". She found it quite the challenge to think this way.

And now that I have the book, I'm having a BLAST coloring, and she is really frustrated by the confines of coloring patterns.
Dontcha just LOVE differences?! I do. I think it makes me and Trisha an awesome couple of friends!!

(colored examples below)
The download is available now on our Download page above,  on Etsy, and Teachers Notebook.

Here are some colored pages from it :)

Have fun!!
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