Monday, February 11, 2013


We recently had a couple of opportunities to meet with some great Women Mentors.

The first was Nikki Casassa from She does AMAZING work like this guy here:

Click on the image and it will take you to her blog... this "when pigs fly" cutie is a recent post of hers.

Nikki is a Mother of 3 (5 if you count the loving dogs). She works full time and does all her design work in her "spare" time. God Love 'er.

We went over to see Nikki to chat about things she does, things we should do, and exchanged ideas in general. She gave us much needed advice and boosts of confidence!

She sells on:

...this is in addition to doing all the amazing free stuff like the flying pig here.


Then we met with the Author Win Charles via Skype.
She is recently published and is working on two more books.

Her Book 'I, Win' is available on Amazon in both printed and ebook formats. Awesome price at $8.63 for the printed book, and .99 cents for the ebook.

It's an autobiography about her success in life overcoming obstacles such as the loss of her mother and living with cerebral palsy. She's also an artist and a teacher. She has a YouTube Channel and posts videos regularly. We highly recommend paying her a visit.

Her website is
She has a great pop up that allows you to schedule a chat with her... Super cool.

Thank You Nikki and Win, for being Amazing Women and Inspiring for us all!! 
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