Sunday, October 28, 2012

Peacock Witch Hat

This is Trisha, I am a Halloween loving girl.  Can I just ask you, what is more fun that spending time as someone else for a day? I enjoy going to witch's night out at Gardner Village.  
It was time for a new costume, off I went in search of something new and unique. The peacock feathers were the start.
 I began with a plain witch hat and added all the glitz and glam.  Then I made the tutu as well.  The costume was meant to be for me, however, the horrible cold and couch that I have, kept me for going out on the town.  Luckily my beautiful daughter cinched in the skirt to fit her and she wore it proudly.  

I didn't add any "how to" tips to these photos since I wasn't thinking about posting them but when I got to the final product, it was calling for a spot on the blog.

This is a view from the back of the hat

This is a side view

This is the view from the front

Doing make up is really fun for my daughter and me.  

This is the back of the costume

This my amazingly beautiful girl.

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