Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Its not just coloring here at Abstract Doodles.

 Here at Trisha's house...

I was inspired by a photo that I saw for a closet turned into the look of an Armoire, a free standing piece of furniture that takes the ordinary to extraordinary.
The concept was so exciting and I could see it in my head so clearly but taking that image and design out of my head and having it make sense to my carpenter, (my hubby) seemed almost impossible.
Natalie and I work well as a team and when we get together and brainstorm we take the impossible and make it possible.
She and I sat down and drew out the plans that were taken to Kirk, my hubby, and he was able to come up the right type and size of wood to make the door function and not be to heavy to open and close.
I am so happy to share these photos with you and I hope that they will inspire you as much as they did for me.

To accomplish this project this wall between our kitchen and living room needed to be removed.

The wall is now removed and the wires that are hanging down are the electrical wires that we left for an electrician to help us with.  The door on the right is my pantry. This is the door that is going to be transformed into the armoire.

This cut out will have doors on the front and it is where our spices will live.

This is a view of the inside of the door where the spice rack is located.
You can see what we have done is build out a new door frame. We did this by stacking two 2x4's sandwiched together and covered with thin ply. We built the door by making a 2x2 frame and also covering that with thin ply. The reason for this was to keep the large door light weight.  We used a piano hinge to hang the door which works fantastic.

This is a view of the distance it stands from the wall.

While we had an electrician sort out the hanging wires, we had him install a pot light in the pantry.  I feel that has been one of the greatest additions to the pantry.

We were doing this project on a very tight budget and paint is one of those expenses that can make or break the bank.  I went to the "oops" section at Lowes and found paint that I wanted to try.  I was able to get two full gallons for 5.00 each.  I used one of the colors for the outside and the other for the shelves inside so I didn't have to worry about running out of paint and dealing with matching anything.

The bottom drawer that you see was added to make it look like furniture but in reality it is just for decoration.

This is the finished part of the spice rack.  We added dowels to hold the spices in place as the door will be swinging open and closed all of the time.  I also wanted a POP of color that was unexpected and the blue makes me very happy.

This dark gray below is the actual color of this project.  Using different cameras can make the photos appear   different colors.
This is the inside of the pantry.  The space at the bottom is a raised shelf because on the other side of the pantry is the stairway to the basement.  We removed shelves that were originally coat racks and we built new shelves.

One of the tricky parts in this design was how to hang the crown molding around the top.  We were trying not to compete with the existing molding in the kitchen.

As an organizing and clutter stopper I added a white board and our family calendar on the inside of the door.  It has been lovely not having papers and clutter on the fridge and random areas of the house since we now have a common space for everything.
I am not tall enough to reach the top shelf, it was essential to have a step stool added to the pantry.
I love the idea of having the large pans and griddle standing on their side to get to easily.
Having the fabric baskets makes it simple to keep like things together.
The bottom wire basket has pull out drawers so I can see everything I have put inside.
I buy cereal in bulk so I use plastic containers to put them in order to stop the cereal from spilling all over the pantry.
I have added small wire baskets to the side of the wall to use up every usable space.
Hooks were also added to hang those "hard to find a place for" b-b-q utensils and aprons.
On the other side is a container that holds plastic grocery bags, a mop and broom holder to keep them in their place.
The lazy Susan's are always handy for a quick view of the items that you have on a shelf that might be to high to see all the way to the back.
I have added wire shelves to add extra space for canned goods.
As you can see, I have tried to utilize every part of what I know refer to as Narnia.

In the end the door had a slight gap that was not going to be acceptable as a "piece of furniture" so the easy solution was a small latch.

This was the start of a remodeling project included to entire upstairs floor of our home.  It was fairly easy work but very time consuming.
Here is a link to the inspiration piece for this project.

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